What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are created as a restorative measure to replace missing teeth in the mouth. A patient who has lost the ability to eat, speak or smile, has to ability to restore their confidence and the functionality of their mouth through dental implant placement surgery. Dental implants appear, feel, and function as natural teeth and help preserve a patient’s facial structure as well as prevent bone deteriorating that can occur with missing teeth. They are made up of three specific parts; the post, implant, and dental crown. The posts provide a stable foundation between the implant and the dental crowns (or replacement teeth).

Dental Implant Evaluation

During the consultation for dental implants, your needs and concerns will be discussed with Dr. Daya. Our top priority is ensuring comfort and inspiring confidence in our patients before proceeding with dental implant placement surgery or any other procedures. Your questions are important to our team and we cover each one of them, following a full health evaluation and dental exam/ x-rays.

Dental Implant Guided Surgery

There are two options for doing implant placement surgery – free-hand and guided. Agape Dental Clinic Mill Woods implements guided surgery using surgical guides for implant placement surgery. The free-hand method has been utilized for many years and is the more cost-effective method, however, we believe the benefits of guided implant surgery outrank the added cost associated with the procedure. Guided implant surgery offers a high level of precision and control, which is invaluable depending on each specific case.

We have listed additional advantages to guided implant surgery below:

  • Surgery can be precise, safe, and predictable.
  • Duration of surgery is shorter.
  • Typically carried out as a flapless surgery, requiring shorter recovery time.
  • Less invasive, pain experienced, and blood for the patient.
  • Bone grafts can be minimal.
  • More precision and better positioning for final crown.
  • Drilling, depth, and angulation is all figured out before the surgery.

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