Teeth Extractions in Millwoods, Southeast Edmonton

Your dentist at Agape Dental Clinic Mill Woods may determine you need a tooth extraction for various reasons. Teeth can be extracted because of decay, periodontal disease, excessive damage, or because they are poorly positioned.

Your dentist will recommend alternatives to tooth extractions and replacements for your extracted tooth to prevent your teeth from shifting and potential jaw and chewing problems.

The Extraction Process

Before your extraction, your dentist will provide you with local anesthetics. You will feel no pain during your extraction, but you will feel pressure when your tooth is being removed. If you feel any pain, please let us know immediately.

Sectioning a Tooth

Sectioning is required when your tooth is firmly anchored, or your root is curved so your tooth cannot be removed as a whole. Your dentist will cut your tooth into sections and remove them one at a time.

After Teeth Extraction

After your dental extraction, it’s essential for a blood clot to form to stop any bleeding so the healing process can begin. You will bite on a gauze for thirty to forty-five minutes after your tooth is removed. If the bleeding persists, you will bite on another gauze. You will repeat this process until the bleeding stops. It’s important not to dislodge the blood clot. Please refrain from using a straw, rinsing vigorously, smoking, consuming alcohol, and brushing around the extraction area for seventy-two hours. You should also refrain from intense exercise for twenty-four hours. If you feel pain or swelling after your extraction, place an icepack over the area. Usually, the swelling will disappear after forty-eight hours. If your dentist prescribes you medication, use it as directed. Ensure you are eating nutritiously and drinking lots of fluids. Maintain a soft food diet until you are comfortable eating normally. After twenty-four hours, you should be resuming your daily oral care routine. If you have persistent swelling, bleeding, or any questions, please call our office.