Invisalign is an advanced clear aligner system that is clinically proven to successfully straighten standard to moderate tooth misalignment issues. It is a flexible and less intrusive solution to traditional braces due to its invisible and easy-to-wear design. At Align Technology, the Invisalign manufacturer, custom aligners are made to perfectly match the patient’s arch and are unique to each patient, based on the digital scan and 3D model created by your dentist, an Invisalign provider.5-benefits-of-Invisalign

The treatment involves wearing the aligners throughout the day, for 20 to 22 hours, taking them off only to eat and brush and floss your teeth.  The aligners are changed with new trays every week until the desired results are achieved which can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months. Invisalign is not much different from wearing a clear dental retainer but successfully works as an orthodontic treatment to properly align teeth.

Following are some of the benefits of wearing an Invisalign aligner over traditional metal or ceramic braces.

  • Discrete

One of the main reasons behind the invention of this state-of-the-art orthodontic technique is the discomfort and intrusiveness caused by wearing traditional metal braces. Due to the metal brackets that are highly visible at the front of teeth, wearing braces caused many patients, especially teenagers to lose their self-confidence.

The company that brought Invisalign to the market made it one of their biggest highlights to show how wearing Invisalign makes you smile with confidence at all times, as opposed to wearing metal braces. “Reveal the smile you deserve” was the message that they brought to their potential consumers, which was a very successful method since there were many people who were hesitant to wear braces due to their intrusiveness in day-to-day life.

  • Easy to Clean

Since they are removable, wearing Invisalign clear aligners makes it very easy to continue regular oral hygiene patterns. There is a learning curve to go through when developing the skill to properly clean the teeth, gums and the oral cavity of a person when wearing metal or other traditional braces. Traditional braces are prone to catch food items in them and require extra effort and time to manage proper cleaning and maintenance. With Invisalign aligners, the wearer can simply remove the device; brush, floss, clean their teeth normally and place the device back in. Cleaning the Invisalign aligners is easier since the clear plastic material does not take any extra effort to clean unlike metal braces or ceramic braces that are prone to staining.

  • Comfortable to Wear

Due to the smooth plastic material used to make Invisalign aligners, they are very comfortable to wear especially when compared to bulky metal braces. The tray does not have any sharp edges or wires that can hurt soft tissues inside of the oral cavity, eliminating the discomfort of wearing an aligner to straighten teeth. Another reason that makes it comfortable to wear Invisalign aligners is that they are fully custom-made for each and every person, giving a perfect and snug fit.

  • Time-efficient

Metal braces and other traditional tooth aligning techniques often require regular trips to the Edmonton dentist, and many painful procedures before, during and after wearing the braces. Invisalign aligners do not require visits to the dentist except for the trips that it takes to replace and maintain the device as instructed by the dentist. It is removable without the need of a professional and therefore can be maintained without a hassle.

  • No Limitations on Food and Beverages

One of the worst parts of getting braces is the food restrictions that come with it. The average time it takes to achieve visible results from braces is usually 12+ months which is a long time to stay away from your favourite food. Anything that is too chewy, sugary and hard to bite into is not recommended to eat when wearing braces. With Invisalign in Edmonton, there are virtually no restrictions when it comes to food and drinks.

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