Before the clock strikes at midnight on December 31, be sure you use your dental benefits. Why start the New Year leaving behind unused dental benefits? Before 2019 ends, schedule a dental appointment now, rather than waiting for 2020. You or your employer have already paid for your dental benefits, so why let hard-earned money waste away? Continue reading to learn eight reasons to use your dental benefits before they expire.

 1. Yearly Maximum

On average, dental insurance plans will pay $1000 for each person’s dental work in a year—this is called the yearly maximum. Benefits that are not used should be taken advantage of now while they are still active.

 2. Monthly Premiums

If you pay for your dental insurance premiums each month, ensure you are using your dental benefits. You may not need dental work, but you should schedule regular dental cleanings to prevent oral issues and protect your oral health.

 3. Maximize Your Dental Benefits with Dental Checkups

Preventive appointments include exams and cleanings which are generally covered by insurance. Maximize your benefits and your oral health by scheduling a dental cleaning and checkup before this year ends.

 4. Extend Your Benefits

When you complete your treatment before the year ends it can work to your advantage. If you need dental treatment that will extend beyond your one year’s maximum benefits you can combine this year’s benefits that are remaining within next year’s benefits.

 5. Deductible

What you are required to pay your dentist before your insurance company will pay for its share is called the deductible. Your deductible will reset when plans roll over the next year, so save money by completing treatment this year rather than next.

 6. Dental Issues Can Worsen

When you address dental issues now rather than later, you could end up saving yourself time and money. Scheduling regular dental checkups every six months will prevent any pre-existing issues from advancing and require extensive and expensive treatment to resolve them.

 7. Fee Increases

There are some dentists who will increase their fees before the year ends due to several economic factors, fee increases will also increase the cost of your dental treatment.

 8. Plan in Advance

Insurance companies will usually pay benefits once the full treatment is completed, which means if you require multiple dental appointments to address your issues, you should schedule them in advance so you have adequate time before the end of the year for treatment completion.

Schedule your appointment now with Agape Dental. Benefit from your dental benefits before they expire at the end of the year!