how to keep your smile healthy during the holidays

There is plenty of fun to be had when the end of the year rolls around. Enjoying this time with your loved ones is important – just make sure to keep an eye on your oral hygiene, too! The holidays can be a notorious time for cavities to arise, with all the large dinners and sweet treats we all love to indulge in.

Fortunately, there are multiple things you can do to ensure your smile remains in optimal condition after the new year dawns.

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Tips for Your Smile 

Many of us look forward to the holidays, but they can also be a time of disruption, causing change to your normal routine, including your dental routine.

While it may not seem like a big deal, cavities and other minor damage like accidental cracks and chips can form, and if they’re not treated soon, they can lead to more severe issues that require expensive procedures. That said, by carving out time and putting in the effort each day, the appearance and functionality of your teeth can be maintained. Described below are some helpful tips to help you with this:

Tip 1: Be Mindful of the Snacks You Eat 

There’s nothing wrong with snacking; be aware of what you consume and how much of it. Holiday goodies tend to be loaded with sugar, chocolate, and other candies that can encourage decay to form if they aren’t brushed away. Foods with lots of starches can lead to this as well.

If you have braces, avoid super hard or crunchy snacks like nuts and dried fruits since these can get stuck in your braces and be hard to remove, even with brushing.

Tip 2: Drink Water 

Water helps us stay hydrated and clears away bacteria and other unhealthy debris from our bodies, including our mouths. If you do have sugar, swish some water around your mouth to clear away particles that may have gotten stuck.

Tip 3: Don’t Use Your Teeth to Open Presents 

You’ve most likely heard from a dentist near you that your teeth are not tools, and that’s exactly right! Never use your teeth to open envelopes or packages because it causes them to become chipped, or you could harm your enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity. Always use scissors!

Tip 4: Stick to Your Hygiene Routine 

Just because it’s the season to celebrate doesn’t mean you can’t keep to your daily hygiene routine! Doing so is essential to preserve the structure, function, and aesthetic of your smile. After all, it’s much better to go ice skating or bake with loved ones instead of stopping by a clinic for emergency dental treatment.

At minimum, brush and floss your teeth twice a day, though it’s better if you do so after each meal. Use mouthwash to get rid of any lingering particles. Attend any dental appointment you’ve already scheduled.

Tip 5: Contact Your Dentist If You Need Aid

Incidents can happen regardless of how diligent we are. If you experience an accident – common examples include a toothache, bleeding, a food item lodged between your teeth, or fragmentation – visit a nearby dental practice right away. The staff will work quickly to inspect your oral cavity and take x-rays to make an accurate treatment recommendation.

Be sure to follow any instructions they provide you. If necessary, they might have you return for a follow-up session so they can see how your treatment is impacting your dental hygiene in Millwoods.

Tip 6: Balance Out Sweets with Fruits and Veggies 

Although they may not be dripping with icing or sprinkles, fruits, veggies, and dairy products are delicious and help preserve healthy smiles for patients of all ages. Minerals like Vitamin A and calcium encourage healthy bone development and strengthen your teeth and tissues.

Tip 7: Wear a Dental Guard 

If you’re meeting up with friends or relatives to go skating, skiing, or playing hockey, wear a mouthguard to prevent injury from occurring to your teeth, tongue, and lips. Even if you’re playing for leisure, you never know what can happen; one wrong hit and you may lose a tooth. It’s better to be proactive and wear a mouthguard, preferably a custom-fitted guard prepared by your dental clinic — your smile will thank you.

We are Here for You and Your Family 

With the holidays being so busy, you must set aside the time to look after your teeth if you want to continue reaping the benefits of a full, healthy smile now and in the new year. At Agape Dental Clinic, our passionate, expert team is here to assist with anything you need. We are at your disposal and will help identify the right treatments and methods to help your smile stay in good condition.

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Happy holidays!