Teeth whitening treatments performed by a dental team are amongst the most efficient and cost-effective dental procedures available today. Whitening strips & trays that you can purchase from drug stores or pharmacies provide inadequate results and can end up costing you hundreds of dollars every month. Teeth whitening is commonly performed on patients that suffer from tooth discoloration, but also for individuals to improve the vibrancy of their smile and to improve confidence. Here are the reasons why tooth discoloration happens and the benefits of choosing teeth whitening by Spa Dent:

Why Tooth Discolouration Occurs:why-teeth-whitening-is-the-most-popular-dental-procedure-today

Depending on your age you can be more susceptible to discoloration in your teeth. This is because as you age, the enamel that covers your teeth gradually becomes thinner and the dentin underneath is exposed to the surface. Apart from discoloring caused by aging, your dietary choices and oral hygiene habits play a massive factor in sustaining and maintaining the whiteness of your teeth. The following causes play a massive role in damaging and discoloring your teeth:

  • You smoke cigarettes daily
  • You’ve experienced physical trauma to your teeth (root canal, chipped tooth, etc.)
  • You drink coffee daily
  • You drink a lot of pop and sugary drinks
  • You drink a lot of red wine
  • Your teeth have an excessive buildup of plaque and tartar

With modern dental technology improving significantly since the turn of the century, there is an available treatment to provide restoration to your teeth’s natural color.

Why Choose Spa Dent Treatments:

Although many people use whitening strips & trays as a cheaper alternative, they only work to remove surface stains. So, while your teeth may appear whiter, the deeper discoloration remains. Without daily treatments with over-the-counter whitening, you will notice the deeper discoloration more prominently. Over-the-counter whitening also tends to irritate gums more easily due to the bleaching agents used in them.

Chairside whitening has been proven to reduce irritation to the soft cells in your mouth due to the use of heat lamps which cuts down the amount of bleaching needed to produce excellent whitening results. Although chairside whitening treatments may require more time per session (30 mins- 1hr), the results you see will arrive sooner and last exponentially longer than any over-the-counter product.

Many patients are disdained with the idea they should consider whitening treatments because of the sensitivity that comes with it. Thankfully, Spa Dent whitening application provides a smooth and painless experience that will bear no sensitivity issues since the gel that is used is of a thicker substance that does not completely absorb into your tooth’s enamel. The Spa Dent product takes advantage of desensitizing agents such as fluoride and potassium nitrate to ensure the patient experiences no internal damage to their tissue and that it is painless.

Whitening treatments performed by your dentist are also much safer than traditional whitening products. Many patients take the initiative to whiten their teeth, but if they suffer from a receding gum line or exposed roots, they can experience overwhelming pain from the bleaching agents inside the product. Your dentist will never allow you to begin treatment if they notice any oral concerns; they will also not start treatment if your enamel has been worn down or you are allergic to the chemicals in the product. Your dentist will oversee the procedure and ensure that the process is working seamlessly so that you avoid any internal damage or discomfort

Your teeth have a direct correlation to your self-confidence and happiness. Teeth whitening has never been easier, safer and more impressive than it is today! Treat your teeth well; they deserve it!