the benefits of guided implant surgery

If one or more of your teeth are missing, there are a number of ways to replace them. An alternative to traditional restorative treatments such as dental bridges and partials or complete dentures is guided dental implant surgery. Our Edmonton dental office offers guided implant surgery to restore your missing teeth quickly and more effectively. Contact our Edmonton dental clinic to schedule your consultation today!

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

You have probably heard of dental implants. However, have you heard of computer-guided implant surgery? Computer-guided implant surgery utilizes technology to accurately place your implants and reduce the total surgery time. This advancement has made dental implant placements more precise than ever.

The Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery

So, why should you receive a computer-guided implant surgery instead of a traditional implant surgery? There are various benefits to receiving computer-guided implant surgery from our Edmonton dental clinic, including:


With computer technology, your dentist can precisely place the implant using computerized technology (CT) scans of your jaw. These scans provide a 3D image of your mouth and allow our Edmonton dentist near you to find the most optimal spot to place the implant.

Reduced Surgical Time

Computer technology allows the procedure to be completed quicker than traditional methods. Less time in the dentist’s chair is always a plus, right? You can begin your recovery quicker and get back to smiling confidently sooner.

Reduced Risks

Another benefit is the reduced risks that come with computer-guided surgery. Since your facial structure is mapped out, our Edmonton dentist near you knows exactly where to place the implant. This also reduces any unexpected situations since the scans map out your jaw and surrounding tissues.

Improved Patient Education

The 3D scans help you envision what’s going on inside your mouth. The images are also helpful in explaining the procedure and educating you on your oral health.

Helps Aid Placement for Additional Implants

If you already have an implant, guided implant surgery can benefit you too! The scans allow your dentist to precisely see where your existing implants are and where the ideal spots for the new ones are.

Interested in Receiving Guided Implant Surgery in Edmonton?

So, are you intrigued yet? Contact our Edmonton dental clinic to learn more about how this procedure can help you restore your smile. We are happy to provide guided implant surgery in Edmonton to help you become confident and smile brightly.