the importance of senior dental care

Did you know your oral health directly affects your overall health and can also affect your quality of life? Poor oral health can increase your risk of developing other health problems. Healthy teeth and gums will help you enjoy the foods you love and smile with confidence. Regardless of your age, it’s important to attend regular checkups and cleanings and practice good oral hygiene. However, senior dental health can often be neglected.

Looking for Edmonton dental care for seniors? We offer senior dental care in Edmonton to ensure your loved ones maintain healthy teeth and gums. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of senior dental care and ways to improve the oral health of your elderly loved ones.

7 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Senior Dental Care

  • Tooth loss
    Missing teeth become more common as you age. When you suffer from tooth loss, it can cause challenges in eating and chewing, resulting in a nutrient deficiency. Particularly, it can be more difficult to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Diabetes
    When you have diabetes or poor blood sugar control, it can increase your risk of developing gum disease or oral inflammation. The excess sugar (glucose) in your saliva contributes to bacterial growth.
  • Heart Disease
    Studies have shown that gum disease can increase your risk of developing heart disease. In addition, gum disease can increase your risk of a stroke and potentially worsen certain heart conditions.
  • Oral Cancer
    The risk of developing oral cancer is higher in older adults, especially for those who smoke. Regular oral examinations are essential to detecting oral cancer early on. Early detection can also significantly improve your survival rate.
  • Pneumonia
    Older adults with poor oral health can increase their risk of developing bacterial pneumonia. As you breathe, the bacteria can travel from your mouth to your lungs. This type of pneumonia can be prevented with good oral hygiene.
  • Gum Disease
    Gum disease can cause many issues, from tooth loss to sore gums to problems chewing. However, gum disease is often left untreated in the early stages as it is painless. Regular oral examinations can detect and prevent gum disease from progressing to more advanced stages.
  • Tooth Decay
    The accumulation of plaque and tartar can lead to cavities. Older adults are more prone to cavities due to dry mouth. Saliva is important as it reduces bacteria and protects your teeth. Common medications are taken by seniors for blood pressure, asthma, and depression can cause dry mouth.

We understand how important your oral health is. That’s why we provide senior dental care near you. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Tips to Improve Oral Health for Seniors

There are various simple ways to help your elderly loved ones improve their oral health, including the following:

  • Remind them to regularly clean their dentures
  • Remind them to brush twice a day
  • Regularly visit the dentist
  • Remind them to floss daily
  • Encourage them to eat a healthy diet
  • Inform the dentist of any medications or medical conditions
  • Encourage them to stop smoking

Are you looking for senior dental care near you? We are happy to provide senior dental care in Edmonton to ensure your elderly loved ones maintain a healthy smile. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment!