what type of sports guard is best for your child

What is a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are a dental device that fits over your teeth and gums. They are used as a protective barrier to minimize the impact of mouth injuries. Many sports require players to wear a mouth guard. While it’s not mandatory for every sport, our dentist in Edmonton highly recommends players wear a mouth guard at all times during high contact sports. Investing in a quality mouth guard can save you hours at the dentist and costly dental bills.

Why are Mouth Guards Important?

Sports are a fun way to stay active. However, injuries are inevitable when engaging in high contact sports. Mouth guards are a simple and effective solution to protecting your teeth. Our dental clinic in Edmonton provides custom mouth guards to ensure you can play your favourite sports without worrying about potential dental damages.

What Types of Mouth Guards are Available?

There are multiple types of mouth guards. They will differ in cost, protection, and comfort. The following is an overview of each kind of mouth guard:

Stock Mouth Guards

These mouth guards are the most inexpensive and least protective, as they are made to universally fit. They can be store-bought and immediately worn out of the package. They are also available in various colours. They are not crafted for each individual mouth, which usually leads to an ill-fitting mouth guard. Players will find themselves clenching their jaw to keep it in place because of this, which can result in jaw pain and difficulties breathing.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

This type of mouth guard is also store-bought and relatively inexpensive but will provide a snugger fit compared to stock mouth guards. When you put them in boiling water, they become malleable, which allows for a more custom fit. When the mouth guard is shaped to your gums and teeth, it can stay in place without the need to clench your jaw. These mouth guards will usually only last for one sports season due to their pliable nature.

Custom Fit Mouth Guards

These are the most expensive but will provide the most protection. Our dentist in Edmonton highly recommends receiving a custom-fit mouth guard. We will take impressions of your teeth to create a mouth guard perfectly crafted to fit your unique mouth. Custom-fit mouth guards will significantly reduce the impact of mouth injuries, without losing shape over time. They are also the most long-lasting and durable option of the three.

If you’re looking to receive a mouth guard for you or your child, please visit our dental clinic in Millwoods, Agape Dental Clinic. Our dentist would be delighted to talk to you about different options that will best suit your lifestyle.