why straight teeth matter

It’s no secret that our dental health is important. Since the systems of our bodies are all connected, an issue with our teeth or gums can trigger a domino effect and result in other illnesses elsewhere. One example is the spread of an oral infection, which, if left unaddressed, can seep into your bloodstream.

But, with that said, there are things you can do to help ensure that your smile and your overall self remain healthy. One example is taking steps to obtain straighter teeth.

Really? Yes! Having an aligned smile can help prevent multiple problems and boost your mental health at the same time. A great way to achieve this is by receiving Invisalign treatment in Millwoods. If you’re interested in gathering more information, contact us today.

Clear Aligners for Straight Teeth

The most popular type of clear aligner therapy is Invisalign. This is a form of orthodontic treatment that your dentist at Agape Dental Clinic inMillwoods can provide if you’re deemed a suitable candidate.

Agape Dental Clinic Millwoods also offers Dentsply Sirona’s SUreSmile clear aligners treatment.  The treatment recommended depends on each individual patient needs and preferences.

No metal brackets, arch wires, elastics, or frameworks are incorporated into this treatment. Instead, aligner trays designed from high-grade dental plastic are customized to fit over your top and bottom row of teeth. This is achieved by making molds of your smile and taking x-rays. The trays exert a subtle yet pronounced pressure on your teeth, and this force encourages them to shift into a new position. To ensure that your progress is continual over multiple weeks, you’ll be required to visit your dentist every 4-6 weeks to receive a new set of trays.

Have queries or concerns? No problem. Speak with your dentist in Millwoods about clear alignerstreatmentfor straightening your teeth.  Agape Dental Clinic Millwoods offers FREE consultations

Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

The benefits of teeth straightening go far beyond just achieving a beautiful smile. By having your teeth straightened, you can improve your oral health, prevent a wide series of medical issues, and become more confident to boot!

  1. Improved Oral Hygiene

Straight teeth can help improve oral hygiene because they are easier to brush and floss. There’s also more room for the toothbrush bristles to get between your teeth to clean them properly. When you clean your teeth well, you get fewer cavities and keep your gums healthier.

In the long run, you’ll also prevent the onset of periodontal diseases (infections of the structures around the teeth), which generally start with inflamed gums. Clean teeth also help you prevent halitosis (bad breath), which is often the result of improper oral hygiene.

  1. Improved Oral Health with Less Cavities, Fewer Cracks and Chips, and Improve Gums

As discussed above, crooked teeth increase the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. Poorly aligned teeth push against the soft gum tissues causing the gums to become inflamed increasing the chances of periodontal diseases.

When you can’t properly clean along your gum line because of crowded teeth, plaque builds up and turns into tartar. The tartar begins to accumulate and creates pockets of bacteria along the gum line. This can cause pain, irritation, loose teeth, and tooth loss if not treated. Many people with crooked or crowded teeth experience gum disease because they can’t clean their teeth thoroughly. Straight teeth make it much easier to remove plaque from the gum line while brushing and flossing.

It’s harder to keep crooked teeth clean, which can cause long term damage.  Crooked teeth leave you more vulnerable to cavities than straight teeth. That can mean tons of extra hours at the dentist, and extra bills you’ll have to pay. Not to mention the impact on your overall health.   Having straight teeth can actually save you money over time, since you’ll have fewer worries about cavities and won’t have the stress of those bills piling up when you can’t afford them!

When teeth are healthy, they’re strongso you are less likely to experience any type of wear and tear or dental injury.In fact, did you know that dental enamel is the hardest substance in the body? That doesn’t mean that they are impenetrable,  However, when bacteria from plaque weakens the enamel, teeth are much more susceptible to chips, cracks, and other forms of wear and tear.

Teeth that are crooked or protrude are more likely to break or crack if you fall or are in an accident. Also, when you have crooked teeth, it’s harder to have good dental hygiene which can also weaken your teeth and make it easier to crack or break them. You’re also more susceptible to biting your cheeks and tongue more often, which can cause painful sores. Straight teeth offer your teeth greater protection against cracks, chips, breaks, and sores.

The straighter your teeth are, the less wear and tear you place on your teeth, gums, and jaw. Biting and chewing alone generate quite a bit of pressure. Properly aligned teeth can handle biting and chewing without problems arising. However, those with bite problems end up putting an excessive amount of stress on their teeth. That can lead to notching at the gum line, fractures, and even abnormal flattening of the biting surface. Not only does the damage look bad, but it increases your risk of periodontal disease. This could lead to expensive dental work in the future.

  1. Improved Self-Esteem.

A substantial number of people, especially teenagers admit to being unhappy about the appearance of their teeth. Crooked teeth keep you from smiling and feeling good about the way you look. When you feel embarrassed about the way you smile, it’s harder to build relationships with the people around you. By straightening your teeth, you’re much more likely to have a beautiful, healthy smile that can make you feel more confident about yourself. The benefits are obvious: you increase your self-confidence, which can help you make new friends, improve your current relationships, and even give a boost to your career!

  1. Chew Better Leading to Improved Digestion

Another important advantage of straightening your teeth is that you get a proper bite. When teeth are crooked or don’t meet well, chewing and biting are heavy and involve more muscles. You don’t eat properly, as your teeth move against one another. In time, this can cause tooth wear and tear. The tooth enamel erodes faster, causing discoloration, sensitivity, and pain. Straight teeth allow you to eat well by chewing and biting correctly. You enjoy every meal without pain or discomfort, and you keep your mouth healthier for longer.

It is worth noting that digestion of food begins in the mouth. It goes without saying that food has to be properly chewed in order to be broken down for optimal absorption of precious nutrients. Crooked teeth inhibit proper chewing consequently inhibiting proper digestion and nutrient absorption. This essentially means that the expected results from a healthy diet plan may fail to materialise just because the food wasn’t properly chewed.

  1. Straight Teeth Improve Overall Health and Live Longer

Multiple studies have shown the link between oral health and overall health.  With improved oral hygiene and prevention of gum disease and infections, comes better overall health.

Straight teeth keep your teeth healthy, and your gums protected against bacteria, which could help you to prevent life-threatening medical issues. Scientific research has indicated that there is a link between gum disease and other serious lifetime health problems such as diabetes,  heart disease and even Alzheimer’s .A study by the University of Helsinki from 2016 showed that there’s a direct connection between infections of the root tip of a tooth and coronary artery disease. There’s an even higher risk of developing this disease when the infections are symptomless. Furthermore, there’s evidence that shows a link between gum disease and lung cancer. It seems that patients with severe periodontitis have a 24 times greater chance of developing lung cancer than patients with healthy gums.

  1. Prevent Jaw Strain and Pain, and Minimizes TMJ Issues

Crooked teeth compromise proper chewing.  People with crooked teeth tend to alter their jaws, in order to correct movements while eating or speaking. In some cases, crowded teeth also put extra pressure on your gums, jaw and supporting bone. In time, this can cause frequent headaches or ear and neck pain, among other problems. When you straighten your teeth, you can achieve the right jaw alignment. Muscles are more relaxed and can work properly. No more clenching, teeth grinding or pain.Straight teeth allow you more comfortable with eating and smiling and improve your quality of life overall.Straight teeth allow for pressure to be distributed uniformly on the jaws as we chew.

  1. Less Injury in Accidents

We are all prone to accidents. It might be a fall or hitting your face against an object. Individuals with crooked and overcrowded teeth may have numerous protruding teeth. In case of an accident, any front protruding teeth may be easily impacted or even knocked out. When engaging in sports, mouthguards may also not do much to alleviate the impact. This is because it is difficult to properly fit the equipment over misaligned teeth.

  1. Improved Speech

Uneven, crooked, or protruding teeth will have a significant impact on your speech, but something as simple as straightening your smile with Invisalign or SureSmilecan work wonders. Crooked teeth also increase your likelihood of developing speech problems, like lisps or other speech impediments. The speech impediments can be caused by coping mechanisms designed to hide imperfect teeth. Plus, crooked teeth can lead to losing teeth early, which can cause even more speech issues. Being able to speak clearly and concisely will boost your self-confidence, and may even allow you to succeed in school or your career more quickly. Clearly, getting straighter teeth can be a great way to improve your speech and help you move forward with a lot of confidence.

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